View Full Version : For Sale Powerbook G4 incl. MorphOS License

4th March 2013, 17:20
Hi there!

i'm selling my Powerbook G4 with MorphOS License ready to fire it up!

It has a 1,67GHz G4 processor, 2GB Ram, 160GB HD, 15" Display (1440x960), MorphOS preinstalled with Key, PSU (not original), DVI->VGA Adaptor, Composite adaptor, battery goes about 2 hours.

Machine is in top condition, no flaws, errors, etc. Works like a charm!

Price is 350 Euros + Paypal + Shipping.

Pics will follow in a few minutes :)

I am also offering this machine on a german amiga forum.

5th March 2013, 15:17
new price!