View Full Version : Wanted Lethal Xcess (Boxed or disks only) & Magic Pockets

5th March 2013, 11:50

I am searching these two games for a long time:

Lethal Xcess: disks only or disk B only or boxed (as I have an box with manual and poster and Disk A (but not B) atm, but also willing to take a boxed game)
Magic Pockets: boxed

Preferably I will take Magic Pockets for Atari ST, but Amiga is also very fine. Lethal Xcess is multiformat anyway.

Thanks in advance!


(my location is Germany)

12th March 2013, 15:33
PM sent

12th March 2013, 22:57
If you still need Lethal Xcess I've got 20+ boxed copies shrink wrapped. Plus several opened. They were donated to me by author Marc Rossocha for the Thalion Webshrine.