View Full Version : For Sale G3 PCI and G4 ZIF Accelerators, Airport Wireless G Card, More will be added as found. [USA Seller]

10th March 2013, 08:11
I have quite a few old apple peripherals that I no longer use(I'm looking at one of the OWC G4s right now.), and decided to sell them on here. I can't remember everything off the top of my head, but I know I have the 3 Accelerators(Have seen them in the last 3 or less days) and the Airport Wireless G Cards. I have also came across an SCSI 3 Controller and 9GB Drive and Modem as well, but I know I have more. I will start with what I've seen recently though.

NewerTech G3 275MHZ accelerator for PCI Power Macs(7300-9600) 1MB Cache asking $40 plus $13 shipping in the US(USPS Priority Mail)

OWC Mercury G4 400MHZ Accelerator w/Heatsink for G3 Macs and 'Yikes' G4 Mac. 1MB Cache $60 plus $13 US Shipping via USPS Priority Mail

OWC Mercury G4 550MHZ Accelerator w/Heatsink for G3 Macs and 'Yikes' G4 Mac. 1MB Cache $80 plus $13 US Shipping via USPS Priority Mail.

Airport Compatible Wireless G PCI Card w/Antennae $20 plus $13 US Shipping via USPS Priority Mail.

I found several other peripherals, and tried to load pictures for everything but for some reason it would not let me. I will try again later.

I was going to offer to ship these items internationally, but after looking at the prices for shipping($60USD being the minimum) I questioned whether or not it would be worth while for someone to pay that much for shipping out of the US. I've noticed other people from the US were able to ship for less than that so I sent one a PM asking who he used. When I get an answer I will add international shipping options. At any rate, if it turns out shipping is less than what I am asking I will return the rest minus any paypal fees accrued, which I am not charging for. I will add pictures once my phone recharges(Wife makes and sells jewelry and she's been very busy with both our phones apparently!) LOL! I will also add the rest of the Mac stuff as well, perhaps in different posts as I find them though as they are in several boxes and totes throughout the house. Local pickup is available to anyone who wishes to pick these items up, but I have no way to test them as I don't have the proper computers anymore.