View Full Version : Closed XBOX 360 console, but without the last system update, reqs inside

7th January 2010, 00:48

I am looking for an XBOX 360 console, but I have certain requirements about it:

1. It needs to be a jasper console, meaning it has a rating of 12.1A for the 12v line, easily spotted from the back sticker:


2. It's manufacturing date must be BEFORE June 16 of 2009 , this can be seen too in the back sticker as above.

3. and lastly, the kernel version must be 7371 and LOWER... You can see this in the dashboard: go to System Settings>Console Settings then scroll down to System Info. Your kernel version is shown here. In this picture the 360 has the 8955 kernel applied. This console is not suitable for my needs :roll:


why all these you ask? because older consoles manufactured before 16-June-2009 and without the updates applied can be used to run linux etc on them... Even you only have a bare system please PM me.
Thanks :D