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13th March 2013, 05:38
Hey guys!

Just like with the literature I'm attempting to sell, these two pieces of software have been sitting in my closet and I've been meaning to sell them for sometime. Anyways, I finally got around to putting them up here so with that, I'll list the information! :)

Zork III for Atari 400/800 - $24.99

Zork III is the sequel to Zork II and is the final installation of the Zork series that was developed by Infocom. This lot comes with actual Zork III floppy diskette for the Atari line of computers, but also comes with the original Dungeon Masters Map, original Cluebook, and original manual all for Zork III.

All of these I would call in good shape. Each of the manuals has some wear on specific ends and corners and it appears someone 3-hole punched these at one point in time, however, other than that their are no rips or blemishes on the manuals.

The floppy diskette appears to be in good condition. There is no visible wear on the floppy diskette, however, since I do not have an Atari computer I am unable to test whether or not this floppy disk works. However, when I did have an Atari 1200Xl back in June, it worked just fine then. But as I stated above - because I cannot test it as of now, I cannot guarantee whether or not it will in fact work.



Sargon III for Atari 400/800 and Commodore 64 (back-side) - $24.99

Sargon was a very successful chess simulator developed by Hayden Software back in glory days. Originally purchased on 6/28/1986 - This lot comes with the Sargon III original box, original manual, original quick start guide, original warranty card, original receipt, Sargon III opening book disk, program disk, great games and chess problems disk, and a homemade backup of the floppy diskettes.

As with Zork III, I would call everything in good shape, except the box which is torn in the bottom right corner, but other than that, it's in good shape as well. The manuals have no blemishes on them and don't have any tears in them.

Again, as with Zork III, the floppy diskette's all appear to be in relatively good shape, but since I am unable to test them, I cannot guarantee whether or not they will work.





Anyways, thanks for looking at my thread here everyone! And happy buying! :thumbsup: