View Full Version : Wanted The Punisher - Megadrive

Amiga Forever
13th March 2013, 12:45
Let me know if you got The Punisher as I am big fan of the game and would pay sensible price for it :)

Amiga Forever
26th April 2014, 20:02

Amiga Forever
6th August 2014, 14:52

6th August 2014, 20:59
I bought this about a month ago on ebay. Have to admit I haven't played it yet :( I don't know what your sensible price is but the copy I bought was mint with stickers still sealed and it was listed at around 70% of what the last one went for on bids, so add it to your saved search list on your ebay app and check each one that's listed, play the waiting game and there are sometimes bargains listed.

Amiga Forever
6th August 2014, 21:38
Thanks DojoDan:)

Ebay have change bit as I like the old ebay where you click which retro console or computer and it show all the picture where scroll em down but it doesnt happen like now :( I have follow whoever got retro console or computer and that suck!

The Punisher (http://www.amibay.com/showthread.php?42382-The-Punisher-Megadrive)is my fav game as I used played in the arcade lots and I didnt know that came on Megadrive hence why it is worth getting it if I find it :)

7th August 2014, 07:54
Sometimes we just want to avoid evilBay ;)