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12th January 2010, 13:05
I decided after 12yrs of nonuse to restore and upgrade my A3000D which has: KS 3.1, 2MB CMEM, 16MB FMEM, Picasso II 2MB GFX card, SCSI CHIP -08, INT 2 Fix, Lithium Coin battery fix, ICD Adscsi 2000.

I am looking for: SuperBuster-09 or -11, DMAC-04, Ramsey-07.

I did find a SuperBuster-11 at Ebay Germany but seller won't ship to Canada and SoftHut is out of stock for A3000 custom chips.

I hope to add the more affordable 68040 based accelerator, Deneb USB2.


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Sorry I ment to post in the Amiga wanted hardware section

12th January 2010, 16:54
Sorted mate

No problem

TC :thumbsup:

12th January 2010, 18:25
You can get a SuperBuster-11 from vesalia in Germany, I think they ship worldwide...


DMAC-04 is nearly impossible to find - but the -02 I got from them is within specs and also runs a A3640 in my A3000.

Never seen a Ramsey-07 being auctioned anywhere ;-)

13th January 2010, 00:10
Thanks for the tips, I will email them. The Ramsey-07 was for auction from the same German Ebay seller offering the SuperBuster-11 He's the only one I found selling A3000 custom chips on Ebay....nobody has a DMAC-04 like you say cuz they are so rare.

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Darn the http://www.vesalia.de/ website shows out of stock for Superbuster-11 and yes they do ship to Canada.

5th February 2010, 22:45
I still need a Buster rev 11 or 9 for a recently installed Deneb 2.0 to do DMA. None of shops SoftHut, Vesalia, AmigaKit have any. This German ebay seller seems to have some but does not offer shipping to Canada:

http://cgi.ebay.de/Super-Buster-11-f...item2c52f87952 (http://cgi.ebay.de/Super-Buster-11-f-Amiga-3000-A-4000-neu_W0QQitemZ190370576722QQcmdZViewItemQQptZKlassische_Computer?hash=item2c52f87952)

I wonder if anyone can recommend or know of any trustworthy Amiga users in Germany who will proxy purchase and ship the Buster-11 if I send them payment via PayPal?