View Full Version : Found FOUND: Dreamcast Scart lead & Vmu

10th May 2008, 03:09
I'd like a proper DC scart lead and also a Vmu unit if anyone has one spare


11th June 2008, 19:14
Hi Sarek, i have both said items if still needed, the vmu is working but a bit "tired" visualy but works fine.

The lead is new unused.

11th June 2008, 23:00

Just to let you know that Sarek might be some time before he can reply to your post as he is currently without an internet connection.

12th June 2008, 00:21

let me know how much you want for them m8, and I will buy them on his behalf and post'em on to him :)

12th June 2008, 00:45
an 80mhz, 14 pin dil oscillator would do the trick :D

12th June 2008, 02:26
14pin DIL!? thats a big oscilator.... 80mhz i have.... in i think maybe 8? I will take some pics...

12th June 2008, 19:03
14pin DIL!? thats a big oscilator.... 80mhz i have.... in i think maybe 8? I will take some pics...

Zetro I think that's the std size for Doog's Appolo 1240 Mate.


12th June 2008, 22:54
LOL indeed, another blonde moment for me there, one would think that i had dyed my hair!

i think i do have one m8 on a broken 040 that i need to repair.

I believe the 80mHz Oscillator is in good condition PM me your deets m8

16th June 2008, 13:01
Hey guys,

Managed to find a VMU unit just need a scart lead :)

cheers as ever Zetro for the kind offer! i'll get to log in here once in a while but not as often as i'd like ;)

18th June 2008, 15:27
Whoops missed your post sarek, a vmu and scart lead are on their way to the bearded one as we speak. :D

18th June 2008, 19:15

you are indeed a star my friend, I shall pass on the Scart to the most logical one (Sarek2k)

the VMU my friend Yorkie can use :D orrr.... it may receive a smidgeon of Hackery :D

I shall have the 80mhz Osc in the post on Friday my friend :)

18th June 2008, 20:24
Cheers very muchly :D

25th June 2008, 14:41
back on the net now!

Thanks DoogUK and of course to u as well Zetro :)

28th June 2008, 23:39
Thanks DoogUK and Zetro Scart lead and VMU arrived safely!! (i should have posted this sooner but was too busy playing dc games :))

29th June 2008, 00:16
Thats Awesome!

29th June 2008, 00:22
@Z, you could have locked it while you were here... :P

@sarek, don't forget to augment your post count in the appropriate place (http://www.amibay.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=222) :)

29th June 2008, 23:57
done just that meega and locked the thread here! :)