View Full Version : Sold DivIDE 57c for ZX Spectrum

21st March 2013, 11:48
Bought from here over a year ago, collecting dust so for sale.

Comes with 512mb memory card.

40 posted tracked in the UK.http://img.tapatalk.com/d/13/03/21/ahemy7u3.jpg

27th March 2013, 20:15
Declaring interest. But sadly will not be able to buy until end of next month due to already spending my retro computer budget for this month (on an actual spectrum!). So if this is still for sale then, then I'll grab it off you. But in the meantime, I'll let the rest of the community go first :)

I assume this would work with a Spectrum +2 (Grey model) as well. I think they work on all of them. And it comes with the CF Reader and card too?

Just out of curiosity. How do people get power to their CF Readers on the div ide? It seems crazy to be hooking up a whole additional PSU. Any tricks?

27th March 2013, 21:54
Mine is powered right off the Speccy's edge connector.

27th March 2013, 22:48
Hello :)

Yes this works with the grey +2, in fact that machine is the one I used with this. However I now have a +2A (black) which I use instead.

No external PSU needed, all power drawn from the Spectrum. Just plug and play.

Happy to reserve until the end of the month if you wish.

Also happy post to our friends in the EU, airmail or registered for a little extra.

28th March 2013, 12:36
Oh really? Dude you're a legend :)
I noticed there is a floppy power connector on the Compact flash Card reader. So assumed that part of it will need power as the 40pin 3.5 inch IDE doesnt give any power?

28th March 2013, 12:39
I have the same Divide and CF adapter. No problems powering it - it just vamps the power through the IDE connector.

This does not work properly on all machines, for example my Risc PC, and so the CF adapter has a power connector. It is not needed with the Speccy :thumbsup:

28th March 2013, 13:11
Woo hoo that awesome :) Saves a big hassle then :)

Want want want!! :)

28th March 2013, 15:05
Ok Boom, let me get back to you, at work at the moment but will check out registered posting arrangements to Spain.
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31st March 2013, 19:12
Thanks BrooksterMax payment sent.

2nd April 2013, 16:26
Payment received, posted today by Airsure and leaving feedback now.


8th April 2013, 09:12
Received on Friday. Thanks Brookster. When my spectrum arrives from another amibayer I'll get it all tested out and leave you awesome feedback! Thanks :)