View Full Version : Closed A4000 compatible keyboard

14th January 2010, 19:19
hi all,
as the title suggests i need a keyboard to work with an A4K, so what do you have?

cheers, JuvUK

15th January 2010, 10:43
ok how about an adaptor to use a pc keyboard with an A4K?

Kin Hell
15th January 2010, 13:46
Guess what I found in a box last night whilst looking for Dopus Magellan?

A Lyra Adapter for the A4000. PM me if you're interested. :thumbsup:


Kin Hell
20th January 2010, 17:13
This was posted to JuvUK Yesterday & apparantly he now has it.

Feed back left. :thumbsup:


20th January 2010, 17:48
perfick!! always a pleasure to deal wiv kinnibaby!

cheers, Bud :thumbsup: