View Full Version : Closed Blizzard 1230 Mk-IV w/FPU

14th January 2010, 20:01
I'm looking for a blizz 030 for my A1200... Must have an FPU!
RAM is not important, I have a lot of them...

Willing to pay 120-160 euro, if it's in 100% working condition :thumbsup:

15th January 2010, 03:35
You have lumps of RAM for your A1200 without a FPU? Then ask for the proper FPU!

^ Was a joke. Ask whatever you want, but most (almost all) Amiga expansion RAM boards have a 72 pin SIMM for up to 8Mb.

15th January 2010, 06:22

I have a blizzard 1230 iv available.Chech your p.m for an offer..

15th January 2010, 22:24
dkaram (http://amibay.com/member.php?u=986): Sorry, but if you read my description I said that it *must* have an FPU :) I know where I can get FPUs, but that's another story. Thanks anyways! :)

16th January 2010, 12:22
Can any admin/mod close this thread? I found a 040 on ebay instead. :)

16th January 2010, 12:25
Thread Closed

TC :)