View Full Version : Closed CPC464 keys, keyboard or unit for parts

8th April 2013, 23:40
I would like to swap the ugly keys on my CPC464 with some nicer ones, and is therefore on the search for either:

A bag of nice looking CPC464 keys
A CPC464 keyboard with nice looking keys
A complete CPC464 with nice looking keys (electronics and tapedeck state is not important)
With regards to nice looking - this is of course subjective. They don't need to be like new, but should also not be terrible looking. If you think what you have is okay just send me a picture and your asking price, and then we will go from there.

Payment through Paypal is preferable. Shipping to Denmark.

15th May 2013, 12:13
Problem solved outside AmiBay (got zero replies :().
Please close thread.