View Full Version : Closed FZ-357A and FB-357A

13th May 2008, 18:35
Looking for a FZ-357A (A4000 HD Floppy) and a FB-357A (A3000 HD Floppy) or two. Need to be working, and willing to ship to the US.

Thanks AmiBay!

Kin Hell
13th May 2008, 19:35
I have 2 x FB-357A (A3000 HD Floppy) & 1 x FZ-357A (A4000 HD Floppy).

The shipping to the US might kill any deal we might strike!?

Pics to follow:

Kin Hell
17th May 2008, 22:22
The FB 357a with the split front panel wont matter as you will have to remove the front panel to fit in the A3000.

All drives are fully functional.

PM me with an Email Address & I can send you pics.