View Full Version : For Sale 512K memory upgrade for Atari 520 ST STF STFM

15th April 2013, 14:38
Memory upgrade kit for the Atari 520 ST STF and STFM

add this kit to increase your computer's memory from 512k to 1024k (1mb / 1040)

this is recommended for the original 520 ST (with external floppy disk drive and power supply) as it will fit inside the case

the Marpet kit doesn't

no soldering required, includes manual and all parts required

tested ok

20 plus shipping


15th April 2013, 20:17
Does it fit and work with a 520stfm model too?
I am looking for something that doesn't need soldering like the marpet one.

15th April 2013, 21:23
yes it will fit the STFM, but to be honest you would be better using the Marpet in an STFM as it is easier to fit (ie: the marpet sits between the PSU and floppy drive)

your choice though

remember; your STFM needs to have the MMU chip and video shifter chip in sockets to be able to fit either kit