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Jumping Anaconda
22nd January 2010, 20:32
Cadaver: In decayed and bowed box, with both disks - was 5 now 3.50+p&p

Manual and completion certificate in fine condition. You might even still be able to send this off to the Bitmap Brothers and get them to fill it in if you manage to finish the game...

This release of the game never worked on my A1200, I only played it a couple of times on my A500. I do not have an A500 to test if the disks are still working, but I have no reason to think they will not.

Jumping Anaconda
27th January 2010, 14:38
Price dropped

27th January 2010, 14:39
Aye, go on, I'm interested. Hit me up with postage costs to Southampton. I really do regret selling my copy of this and would love to play it again. :)

27th January 2010, 15:20
So I've struck a deal with Jumping Anaconda and I've now Paypal'd him the cash.


Jumping Anaconda
27th January 2010, 19:03
Payment received and item sent.

Jumping Anaconda
28th January 2010, 18:32
Forgot to ask for the thread to be marked as SOLD, please.

28th January 2010, 19:00
When AndyLandy has confirmed reciept of the item I will close the thread ;)

and don't forget the feedback :)


Jumping Anaconda
28th January 2010, 19:11
Sorry, I thought it was marked "Sold" at this stage and the thread is left open, and then I wait until the buyer confirms reciept. Sorry I got confused.

1st February 2010, 17:23
Item received, all good and well. Feedback left!

1st February 2010, 17:44
And thread closed! Don't forget to leave feedback, guys.