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Jumping Anaconda
23rd January 2010, 21:04
I have 4 cds from the Future Zone 'Fox Twin Hits' collection. Each comes in a cardboard sleeve.

Titus the Fox and Battlestorm - 3 + p&p
Crazy Cars 3 and Fire and Forget II - 3 + p&p
Super Cauldron and Prehistorik - 3 + p&p
Blues Brothers and Prehistorik 2 - 3 + p&p

p&p to UK addresses is 1. If you buy more than one disc, the p&p will total 1.

p&p to Europe is 2. If you buy more than one disc, the p&p will total 2.

Outside of Europe, p&p should not be more than 3.

Please note: These discs seem to use some kind of custom loader. I can not get them to work with DosBOX as of yet, but I have not really tried that hard. I think a 486 would be ideal for these games.

The Titus the Fox/Battlestorm disk has another directory called MOKDAR. This could belong to some other aspect of the disc, but I would be curious to find out if there is another undocumented game in there.

EDIT: Solved the MOKDAR mystery, it is the original French version of the game. I am unaware if there are any differences beyond language between the two titles.

Jumping Anaconda
22nd February 2010, 15:13
Will now accept 8 for all four cds, plus p&p

Jumping Anaconda
7th March 2010, 12:39
Want to get shot of these, so will now accept 5 +p&p for the lot.

7th March 2010, 13:23
I want them!
sending a PM :)

Jumping Anaconda
7th March 2010, 13:39
PM received. Sent PM to confirm interest with Keropi, just to make sure he is aware these are the PC versions.

7th March 2010, 15:53
payment sent!

Jumping Anaconda
8th March 2010, 18:30
Payment received and items sent.

15th March 2010, 20:39
games received fine, feedback left, thread closed! Thanks Jumping Anaconda !!!!