View Full Version : Closed Macrosystem VLab v1.3

25th April 2013, 17:14
Selling a Macrosystem VLab v1.3 digitizer. Presumed working but I can't tell for sure.

Price: swapware/giftware. Which means you pay nothing at all, but I'm asking for a gift being sent in return so the total shipping costs/value will be roughly the same. Just send me anything useful or funny (a game, comic book, toy, pet rock, pocket size time machine, whatever, you decide :))

Or, to explain this to the price driving police: I'm asking €0 for the VLab, plus I'm asking something else than money in return for the shipping costs (I assume this is all within the Amibay guidelines, right?)

My shipping costs will be this:
Within the Netherlands: €6,75
Europe: €9 - €12 (depending on country, closest to NL is cheapest)
Worldwide: €18

24th May 2013, 09:44

18th June 2013, 15:46

26th August 2013, 11:16
This VLab is now completely FOR FREE!!!

But... with a catch. Read the edited first post for details :)

4th October 2013, 12:48
Still free! :)

11th December 2013, 13:25
Gone elsewhere. Please close :)