View Full Version : Closed Kern lenses, 16mm and/or 25mm.

25th January 2010, 18:30
I know it is far stretched being this an hardware forum and not a photography equipment site, but i thought to ask anyway, as the lenses i'm looking for are vintage too.

i would like to buy a Kern Switar 25mm f1.4, (preferably) or a Kern Yvar 16mm f1.8, at a fair (not ebay crazed) price.

i'm looking for nice glasses, no scratches, haze etc, and good movement. i don't mind about not very good cosmetic appearance of the body.

hoods and cardbox container would be appreciated too but not undispensable.

thank you!

i have found some suitable lens, not exactly those i was searching, but it's ok nevertheless. can a mod please close this thread?

thank you all! :)