View Full Version : Closed PCMCIA Wireless LAN Card for A600/A1200

27th April 2013, 17:00
Hi, I like to sell my PCMCIA WLAN card. It is a 16 Bit card and supports 5V, 11 Mbits speed. For more info download the manual here:


Price: 20 Euro

Shipping: Worldwide as a letter for 3,45€

Terms of sale:

Payment is by PayPal or Bank Transfer (IBAN/BIC). Bitcoin is accepted, too (Exchange rate is defined by coindesk.com). Buyer pays any associated fees.
Worldwide shipping is possible, but at the buyers risk. I'am not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen goods. If insurance is taken I will handle the claim in the event of loss/damage and will pass on any received compensation. By declaring interest you agree to the terms of sale!

22nd April 2014, 09:37