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29th April 2013, 15:38
SOLD to fitzsteve

I'm selling this Amiga 1200 Magic Pack.


I don't really know a huge amount about these but I have done a bit of research and I'm figuring offers up to 100 will be considered. I am not desperate for the money, and I'm open to offers as I say, but if it has to be sent I will expect the buyer to throw P&P in too ... which I will find out based on buyer's needs.

I'd much rather collection tho.

Seems to be in quite nice condition, and I can say one thing ... it works :D

I'm in GU16 ... Frimley near Camberley, so if buyers are willing to collect, that's where you'll be getting it from.

Make a sensible offer if you have any interest. If not, it's all good, we'll still be friends :D

EDIT: to point out, this is stock ... no upgrades that I'm aware of ... the expansion port is empty of any hard drive. I hope that isn't an issue, but I wanted to let everyone know, and I forgot to say.

29th April 2013, 15:57
declaring interest pending shipping costs to Belgium :)

29th April 2013, 15:57
Interested :)

29th April 2013, 15:59
Wow, Belgium? Ok ... I guess if you're seriously interested I could do some digging with the postal service :D Can you PM me an address ... or at least one close to home so I can get some inquires on the go? :D

29th April 2013, 15:59
Second in line, shipping costs will be the same :)

Edit: third, darn you Steve grrrrrr :p

29th April 2013, 16:02
haha ... ok guys thanks ... as I said in my first post, my preference would be to have a UK buyer who collects mainly because I really prefer to have someone come and see, and try the product before buying ... shipping includes risk. But I will keep everyone informed as much as I can :) Thanks a lot :)

29th April 2013, 16:04
Steve lives close to you so he's the best candidate :)
Darn you UK guys, you have all the nice Amiga and Atari ST stuff :Doh:

29th April 2013, 16:09
We do? :D I don't know much about it ... I just remember my childhood A500 days ... ahhhh, the best days of my life. Oh wait ... no they weren't ... no girls, no car, no money ... hang on ... THIS is the best time of my life! :D I WILL get an Amiga 500 when I figure out where the hell to put this stuff ... along with the 3 Sega Megadrives, 3 Super Nintendos, 3 N64's, a Sega Saturn, Nintendo Gamecube, couple of Song Playstations and a TON more stuff ... NES's etc ... I really have no idea how I could fit it all in ... I just gave an N64 and Megadrive to my brother ...

Anyways ... thanks for the interest :D

29th April 2013, 17:39
Intrest withdrawn. Placed an order for the upcoming Magic Pack batch in June.
GL with the sale m8 :thumbsup:

29th April 2013, 17:40
Good times Murugan, I've agreed a deal that hopefully tonight will go ahead. I will update here :) Good luck with your Magic Pack batch ... not sure what that is tho! :D Found it :D Mine's not far off the same thing ... still looks great :) And boots up beautifully.

29th April 2013, 22:10
PM sent :)

30th April 2013, 01:45
Sold to fitzsteve as he was the preferred local buyer and came along with cash Monday 29th April. :) Thanks for the interest everyone :)

Now ... I assume this thread gets closed? :D

30th April 2013, 15:04
Thanks for a nice smooth trade, as feedback left both sides I'll close the thread :)