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29th April 2013, 18:08
A very rare and extremely fast CSA Magnum 40/4 Accelerator card for the Amiga 2000 dropped into my lap recently.

This is a one-owner card and I even have the original sales and VISA receipt from 1996 where it sold for $939 + $139 for the 4MB RAM = $1078 + tax!!!

This card was upgraded to 28Mhz from the stock 25Mhz at the time of purchase by the vendor. It can also be upgraded to 33Mhz easily with an oscillator change.

It comes with a 4MB SIMM but the RAM can be upgraded to a Max of 64MB.

As you can see from the SysInfo screen shot, it is 10% faster than a stock 4000 and 4.36X faster than an A3000 in this configuration!!!

Pretty neat LED diagnostic setup as well. Tells you exactly what is going on with the card by viewing which bank of LEDs are lit. The Autoboot, built in SCSI II controller is great also!

This is an awesome card for the A2000!!

I do not have the box or disks unfortunately.

The specs and software can be viewed here: http://amiga.resource.cx/exp/search.pl?product=&company=&amiga=&intf=&ic=68040&mid=&base=dec&pid=

Price: $425CDN. I will cover Paypal fees. Buyer pays for shipping.






*** Standard Disclaimer: All items sold are tested and confirmed working. Due to the age of these items I cannot offer any warranty, so they are sold as-is. ***

30th April 2013, 17:13
Price drop for quick sale...

5th May 2013, 16:00
Price drop

9th May 2013, 19:43
final drop before hitting eBay...

9th June 2013, 02:50
Sold elsewhere.. please close thread.