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1st May 2013, 12:07
Hi there ,

here are two LED units for the original A3000 LEDs , one is totally new and the other is used ( for several days ) and equiped with one working original LED .
Atfer detecting , that the other LED was broken i
searched for another original LED but did not find one ,
so i got another LED unit for modern LEDs ( see other sale thread ) .

Attention : these boards only accept the original LEDs instead of the one
in the other thread .

Asking for :
6 Euro for the new one + shipping sold to ajk
10 Euro for the used one with one original HD LED + shipping sold to AndyLandy

1st May 2013, 12:44

I could grab the new, empty one. Let me know in PM how much you need for postage and I'll send you the money.


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Payment has been sent for item #1 (empty PCB).

1st May 2013, 12:48
payment already received , many thx :thumbsup:

will send the LED unit tomorrow to northern Europe

1st May 2013, 13:23
I'm interested in the other one, please. Can you let me know total cost including shipping to the UK?


1st May 2013, 13:34
Hi AndyLandy ,
just for information of the height of the package
three pics

1st May 2013, 18:53
Registering my 2nd in-line interest behind Andy Landy should a miracle happen and he drop out! They do happen sometimes!

1st May 2013, 19:32
Just checked my A3000, and it is the HDD LED that's broken on my A3000. The power LED is intact and would transfer to this new board ideally!

Sorry SpodSpod, no miracle this time, but if you want the spare PCB from my A3000 without any LEDs, it's yours for the cost of postage (Once I transfer my LED across to this board!)


2nd May 2013, 13:04
item for ajk is shipped to Finland :)

3rd May 2013, 10:48
item for andylandy is shipped to the UK :)
( including the crystal )

3rd May 2013, 23:42
Thanks for the offer AndyLandy, but as I've got the other LED board from stefan_st on the way I shall decline :-)

6th May 2013, 20:26
Mine has arrived! Thanks :)

6th May 2013, 21:47
that sounds great , thx for this smooth transaction ajk :thumbsup: