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9th May 2013, 18:23
Postage to be added. All have been tested. Total would be over 100; I’ll take 70 for the whole lot of Amiga games. Most are in excellent condition, and complete; where that’s not the case it says so, and I hope the pictures make it clear.

See my Flickr photostream for individual photos

One PC game that’s crept in
Armour Geddon 3

All below sold to ITU
Myth (small box, from A600 pack) 1
Thomas the Tank Engine 1
Graham Taylor’s Soccer challenge (Buzz) 1
Operation Thunderbolt (Hit Squad) 1
Striker 1
Dawn Patrol 4
Seek & Destroy 4
Zool 3
Graham Gooch’s World Class Cricket and Second Innings 2
PGA European Tour 2
European Champions 1
Burntime 1
Robocop 3 1
Total Football 3
F1 1
Pinball Fantasies AGA 3
Megatraveller 2 Quest for the Ancients 5
Pinball Illusions 5
Colonization 6
Starlord 4
Megatraveller 1 The Zhodani Conspiracy 5

Sensible Soccer 96/97 Update disks 1
F/A 18 Interceptor (small box – flap has broken off) 4
Super Skidmarks 3
Super Skidmarks data disks 3 (5 for both together)
Soccer Stars 96 3
Civilization AGA 4
Special Forces (complete with cap) 3
Sensible world of Soccer (orig) + new improved SWOS update disk 4
Skidmarks 5
Syndicate 5
Nick Faldo’s Golf 1
Kick off 2 and Final Whistle 2
Defender of the Crown 5
Rocket Ranger 4 (annoyingly I sat on the box, so there’s a tear on one side)
Rugby World Cup 1 (disk and box only)
Centurion - Defender of Rome 3
Man United – Premier League Champions 2
Sim Life (AGA) 4
Historyline 1914-1918 5

Trojan Phazer with Skeet Shoot and Orbital Destroyer 5

Disk only (number of disks in brackets)
World Class leaderboard (1) 0.50
Blastar (3) 0.50

Disk and manual
Winter Olympics 1
Theme Park 1
Sensible Golf 1

Can’t get them to load, or load fully, on the A4000, but no disk errors and seem okay – low price to account for the risk that it's not just the A4000 being fussy
Seconds out boxing (disk only) 0.50
Rome AD 92 (small box, from A600 pack) 1
Epic (small box, from A600 pack) 1
Manchester United 1
It came from the desert (upgrade pack only, unopened) 1
Cricket 1
Thunderhawk 1

9th May 2013, 19:24
Declaring interest in a lot.

Amiga Forever
9th May 2013, 19:58
Declare interest in Some of the games :)

9th May 2013, 20:30

Interested by the lot ;)

10th May 2013, 08:56
hello my friend,

can you send it to Greece and pay via paypal?

10th May 2013, 13:09
Declaring interest in Pinball Illusions please

10th May 2013, 21:36
Payment done.

10th May 2013, 21:38
Brilliant, thanks-i'll spend some time packaging it up decently and arrange the courier.

13th May 2013, 13:54
Just picked up by UPS, on its way. All sold.

16th May 2013, 16:50
Package recived today. I'll check it tommorow and leave feedback.