View Full Version : Closed DPS PAR 3150 and DPS AD-3000

9th May 2013, 22:00
Well, it's been 2 years since I last powered these up, so it's time for them to really go.

DPS PAR - personal animation recorder
AD-3000 - real time capture card

the PAR appears in the early startup menu, but beyond that I couldn't tell you. No reason to think there's any issues, but no way to test them.

Picture here: http://chiark.com/image/DSC_0693.jpg

120 + P&P.

15th May 2013, 11:40
Price drop: 100 + P&P

12th June 2013, 15:56
Bumping for interest. I'll PM Zerec as he also declared interest on another DPS PAR just to alert him to this thread.

12th June 2013, 16:34
Pm replied

12th June 2013, 17:43
And answers sent.

8th December 2014, 19:44
Hello !
This cards also agains avaible ?