View Full Version : Wanted 720Kb external fdd for Atari ST

15th May 2013, 10:14
Hi people!

Currently waiting (from the other bay) a wonderfull 520 ST+ model and already have for it a fully working external SF354. Though the only 360Kb-format (cannot get on modding the case and replace with a bigger -it's a pitty to cut the original casing, it's unique...), is a serious problem, so I'm in the hunt for a 720Kb or 1.44MB external FDD. :help:

If any of you have a spare one (complete with cable, but no need for boxes etc) and in resonable pricing , drop me a quote and we can discuss.

Postage goes to Athens, Greece :D

My regards,

10th June 2013, 19:28
Do you still need this? I think I have two. Tested them a few months ago and I know that one works. I'm pretty sure at least one is a Cumana drive.

Let me know and I'll dig them out.

11th June 2013, 07:08
Hi mate!
Yes I'm still looking for one (and reasonably priced :roll:).
When possible, have a look on what you have and drop me a message.
Regards :)