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2nd February 2010, 11:42
Hi guys,

I'm looking for some RAM for 3x Compaq Armada E500 laptops I just rescued. I already have 2x256MB DIMMS so I'm looking for 4 more.

I also only have 1xPSU so would be interested in 2 more of those.

One is a celeron 550, the others are PIII's (600 and 800). Would love to upgrade the 2 smaller ones to P-III 800MHz also. Anyone got some P-III mobile 800MHz laying around? (I assume they need to be 'mobile')

Finally, I'm looking for a DVD/CD-RW combo slimline drive for my A1200.

I'm in Australia, and thus interest depends on postage costs.



Kin Hell
2nd February 2010, 11:51
Yo tiffers......
I have a PIII 800MHz CPU suitable for a laptop. It's still brand New in its Intel Box & un-opened. :nod:

All I gotta do is remember which box I put it in. :unsure:


2nd February 2010, 12:48
@ tiffers

I think I have some P-III Dell laptop memory around the house that might work; I'll dig it out and let you know the part number and specs.

I definitely have a PSU from a Compaq Armada 4xxx Series laptop (19.2v if I recall correctly) - will this work on yours? I have it complete with the 'cloverleaf' mains cable.

4th February 2010, 03:33
*waits patiently to hear back*

Merlin, I don't believe the PSU would be compatible. All the details out there say mine's 18.4v and the 3rd party ones that seem to be out there don't list Armada E500's and 4xxx series laptops in the same list.

16th February 2010, 06:35
Well guys it looks like the CPUs are soldered directly to the PCB, so no upgrades :Doh:

I can still get RAM and HDDs for them though. My HDD bracket showed up and I checked all 3 - All working OK. Installed Win2k (these each have a Dual-COA for Win2k Pro and WinNT4 WS), Win98 SE and Ubuntu 8.04 LTS successfully.

So, still in the market for some 256MB PC-100 Low-Density, Low-Profile SO-DIMMS.

I'll check ebay / google for some cheap chinese knockoff PSUs I think, and some suitable HDDs (unless you've all got low-profile 20 - 40GB 2.5" HDDs laying around, although I'd think that shipping such fragile disks overseas would be madness!)



Kin Hell
16th February 2010, 17:05

I cant see that all these Laptop CPU's would be soldered to the mainboard, otherwise Intel could not send out spare parts as they did with this one to me. Maybe it's just specific to the Compaq affairs you have there?
Are you sure its not on a removeable PCB from the Laptop's mainbaord?

I still have not found this yet. It might be in the loft. :|


Kin Hell
20th March 2010, 20:15

You never came back about the CPU's being soldered to the mainboard for definite?

I now have found the CPU in question. Mobile Intel Pentium III Processor 800Mhz featuring Speed Step Technology. Product code BXM80526B800256SL4PR - pack date 10/05/01

Box is still sealed. Pics available if you want them. ;)

Jfyi, the CPU package is attatched to a pcb substrate according to the pic on the box. I am wondering if this makes you think they are attached to the main PCB?


20th March 2010, 21:31
I am selling:

A dvd (cdrom rw) slimline 1O eu (ex thinkpad t23) black

A dvd (dvd rw) slimline 15 eu (ex dell) grey plastic not 100% straight if you fit it in it needs to be a little off..

22nd March 2010, 07:32
Jfyi, the CPU package is attatched to a pcb substrate according to the pic on the box. I am wondering if this makes you think they are attached to the main PCB?

Mine don't have that 'substrate'. Nor any sort of socket/lever. This makes me assume it's soldered on. :-D


Kin Hell
22nd March 2010, 22:41
Okies. :)