View Full Version : Wanted Commodore SX64 Keyboard

2nd June 2013, 15:29
Hi Folks,

I was fortunate enough to pick up a working SX64 recently, however on receiving it found that it sadly didn't have a keyboard attached. It's a great system in good nick which appears to be working well, and as a mad lover of all things Commodore & Amiga I can't wait to get it fully operational.

If anyone has one available that they're happy to ship that would be absolutely brilliant, but failing that I'd be truly appreciative of any help or assistance to locate one.

28th November 2013, 13:41
Hi again, I'm still hunting for a keyboard for my SX-64 and thought I'd see if anyone had found one lately. Happy to pay the going rate for one and shipping, really keen to get one as it's my dream to have this machine up and running!