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Jumping Anaconda
10th February 2010, 20:54
Floppy only 3 +p&p

This version is not compatible with the A1200, so I have been unable to test it, but it should work fine on 1.3 A500's.

Note: It may take up to three business days after agreeing a deal for this item to be dispatched. I will not take payment until the day prior to dispatch.

11th February 2010, 09:15
I'm pretty sure it can be made to run on A1200 using WHDLoad...

11th February 2010, 10:07
Actually, I would be quite interested in this. I think my copy of Speedball II is corrupt, so a replacement disk would be quite welcome. :-)

Jumping Anaconda
13th February 2010, 22:53
Hi Andy,

Sorry I missed your reply for a couple of days. I take it that this is a declaration of interest? Drop me a PM and we can sort out the details.


Jumping Anaconda
14th February 2010, 17:54
PM received from AndyLandy confirming interest expressed in this thread.

14th February 2010, 19:02
Payment made!

Jumping Anaconda
19th February 2010, 02:16
This was sent yesterday (18/02/10), one day later than I had intended, as I forgot to pack the item in my bag before I set out for the day's business. Apologies have been sent to Andy. Hopefully the item shall arrive with him today.

19th February 2010, 13:01
Arrived today! Leaving feedback now!


19th February 2010, 13:18
Good one chaps

I'll close this now but don't forget the feedback ;)