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10th June 2013, 08:04
EDIT:This is the 800Mhz version "quicksilver", cant find out if it's dual 800Mhz or not. It has 771572kB usable memory. Does meminfo count video ram as well? i think its only supposed to have 640MB total RAM(128+256+256.

Sold locally last year!!

Working and currently running YellowDog Linux. Case is nice and clean, for those interested in apples:)
Confirmed working with MorpOS two years back.
You will have to find cd version of osx 10.4 if you want to run the official maximum 10.4.11. ( 10.5.x is possible, but maybe not on this particular beast, think only 733 and dual 800 can run 10.5.x)
-Check out LeopardAssist-

Shipping will be a *bleep* on this weighty beast.

Price for individual parts will be supplied upon interest.

...and for those wanting to comment on the background regarding vibrations and magnetizm: Nope, you are wrong :) and it's only for temp and spotify anyways...

11th June 2013, 03:10
IIRC, this unit is also in the MorphOS compatibility list, pending the graphics installed. If it is a NVidia, forget about it. Only ATI Radeons are supported.

Oh, and it can have up to 1.5Gb of SDRAM.

Check the full specifications in Every Mac. (http://www.everymac.com/systems/apple/powermac_g4/specs/powermac_g4_800_dp_qs.html)

11th June 2013, 11:02
This one has ATI graphics, and yes, it can run with 1,5Gb RAM :)
Thanks rkauer ;)

I remember running MorphOS on it a few years ago, but i didn't like the butterflies :P heha

I MIGHT just have a stick or two of kingston 512MB SDRAM somewhere to juice up the deal.

24th June 2013, 07:31
Darn, sorry...i thought it was every 7 days. :picard

12th July 2013, 09:39
bumpalicious !

8th September 2013, 10:32
Still available?
Possibly interested in the whole computer (if shipping costs to Italy are accessible) or in some parts...
Sending PM...

3rd October 2013, 11:44
Still available.

Make me an offer or request a price on parts !

19th November 2013, 15:31
still here :)

24th January 2014, 07:38
Hello Kronuz,
is it a normal LCD monitor ?
Does the G4 accepts a normal USB keyboard and mouse ?

26th January 2014, 12:09
PM sent declaring possible interest!

27th January 2014, 12:02
Hello Kronuz,
is it a normal LCD monitor ?
Does the G4 accepts a normal USB keyboard and mouse ?

Hi. Sorry about the late reply.
The GPU supports lcd's, yes.
the g4 got 2x usb and 100mbit LAN. Not sure if the USB is 1.1 or 2.0.

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PM sent declaring possible interest!

Thanks for the offer, but the shipping alone will cost 56.05 Euro...minimum.
I would rather just keep it or give it away to a friend, if I can't get a buyer at a reasonable price.

12th January 2015, 13:37
Sold locally. Can be marked as such :)