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11th February 2010, 21:19
I have decided to give my lowly A600 a bit of an update. I'm looking to add an IDE CDRom to it, so I think that means I need a buffered IDE splitter. I am already using a compact flash card as a hard drive, but am considering using a proper SSD "for the fun of it".

Also, to make it slightly more compatible with older stuff, I am looking for a kickstart rom switcher - the type that you can switch with ctrl&amiga&amiga I have a 3.1 and 1.3 rom waiting to be switched.

Finally, has anyone got a cheap method of adding fastram to this beastie? I dont like the idea of a PCMCIA card sticking out of the side, but I don't really like the expense of an accelerator for it either. I'd just like to be able to use whdload a bit more. (i.e. more than not at all!)

I know I should really start again with an A1200, but I like the small footprint of the 600, and dont want to start "trimming" motherboards to fit.

11th February 2010, 21:26
For the rom swither:


I have an ide-fix97 in stock, it is in good working condition, without the driver, since I need to state price it will be 10 EU + shipping.

It has been repaired once, but you won't spot where. (done properly, broken of pin..)

11th February 2010, 22:22
I am interested in the IDEFix - Moving to PM with this one :)

As for the rom switcher, it states that the v2 doesn't work with wb1.3, which is what I am hoping to use. v1 is supposedly obsolete... plus I don't like the switch (I could probably replace that with a slider elsewhere mind you)

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Payment sent by paypal to jvdbossc for his IDE Fix gadget - thanks!

Just looking for a rom switcher, and a miracle (ok, cheapish Fastram ) now.

12th February 2010, 16:39
Unfortunately, the only ways to add Fast RAM to the baby Amiga is PCMCIA or the Lord Vader's A608.

Zetr0 is currently trying to adapt his design to a new board with less tight copper traces to low enough the price of the board.

As for the PCMCIA option, believe me, even a 1Mb PCMCIA will turn the A600 in a faster machine. And then you'll be able to run WHDLoad games and demos. Don't forget to turn off the PRELOAD option in all games and demos, of course!

12th February 2010, 19:41
When the A600 was still a recent machine I had a 4MB pcmcia thing for it. It slows down boot quite some time, meaning when not needed removed it.

Will put it for sale in the future probably if a a ram card is produced, since I found the pcmica mem to be disturbing..

12th February 2010, 19:50
Disturbing, yes. Slowing down boot times, yes.

But absolutely necessary if the A600 don't have another way to add Fast RAM.

Bad with it, worst without.

12th February 2010, 19:54
http://www.amibay.com/showthread.php?t=4687, well someone else might have fun with it.:deadhorse

Decided to sell it since for me Amiga = Fast boot time:shrug: And my A600 is not in a very good shape anyway.