View Full Version : Closed 1260 Accelerator with FastRAM

11th February 2010, 22:47

I'm searching for a 060 card for a1260 (with 64MB of FastRAM if possible) I would prefer a 060 @ 66 but a 50 Mhz might do as well.


Kin Hell
11th February 2010, 23:31
I might have a solution for you. It depends if you need a Tower case or not?
PM me if you want to know more. :thumbsup:


12th February 2010, 09:01
Alright. Will do :)

Kin Hell
16th February 2010, 17:09
I Emailed you those pics this afternoon. You can reply via Email or PM through AmiBay. Speak to you soon. :thumbsup:


22nd February 2010, 20:05
Kin: can you PM me details if you still have a 1260 board available?


22nd February 2010, 20:13
Hi hektic,

I will have Blizzard 1260 060@66MHz +32MB RAM.
PM me if you are interested

Kin Hell
23rd February 2010, 01:26
Whoa stachu100! - You can not pimp nolem's thread or anyone elses thread for that matter. :nono: This is a big no no.

@ hektic

nolem & I are actually still trying to finalise a transaction that also includes other parts. You too should not really be asking me for a 1260 when I am offering one to nolem. You could have done if nolem had turned my offer down & the thread is not saying that. I would suggest you start your own thread asking for a 1260 card, & then stachu100 or who ever can approach you that way.

Cheers all,


23rd February 2010, 01:30
Charlie is right about this one.

Please, do you Hektic can create a new thread? Without it we moderators can't do our job properly. And both of you will loose the ability to use the feedback system for this transaction.

23rd February 2010, 08:55
My sorry for all of you :oops:

If you are interested please open new thread.
If not I will open "for sale" thread anyway.

Kin Hell
23rd February 2010, 15:57
My sorry for all of you :oops:

No problems Stan. At least you know now. ;)

All the best fella,


24th February 2010, 08:55
Yes. Me and Kin Hell is still talking about how to get everything sorted.

Kin Hell
2nd March 2010, 21:45
Posted today via International Signed For. Tracking details via Email. :thumbsup:


Kin Hell
23rd March 2010, 11:01
@ nolem

I know you were going away a while on the possible delivery day of this item. I just wondered if you now have it?

Also, Zetr0 needs some help on this thread (http://www.amibay.com/showthread.php?t=5315) with an Apollo based 060 card. Any chance you can forward him an image of one of the 2 x set-up disks I sent you?