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12th February 2010, 09:18
I am looking for an external case that can connect to this : (to the external connector)


So an external scsi case for a cdrom is needed, it can be one with a broken cdrom, since I have a plextor cdrom to replace it if needed.

I am just going this route since my A4000 would have no internal air :Doh:left, if I put a cdrom in it.

Ideally it has the right connector / cable

Open for offers. 15-16-17-18-19 feb will be on holiday, so nut sure can PM then. (just putting this in to inform)

13th February 2010, 13:55
Is that a 50 or 68 pin connector ?
I have cable that connect either to the more common 50 pin centronics ("scsi 1") connector, not pictured. Also have a 50pin to 25pin scsi adaptor (second picture), which allow to use the more common "apple-scsi" cable.
Also have 2 cases from an apple cd300 (first picture), one weighs in at around 1.6 Kg when empty. These are for one scsi cdrom.
Also have a external scsi case for 4 cdrom drives (dont know the weight off hand) no picturers
And one for 8 cdrom drives, this last one weighs 10kg and has 3 independant switching power supplies, pictures 3 and 4.
You will also want an external scsi terminator if this case is at the end of the bus (cable and terminator in 5th picture).

13th February 2010, 16:40
Parcifal, looking for full kit if possible, yes pic 2 show's the male for my female. One cdrom should be enough.

So probably:

The convertor
A cable
A small case to put in a cdrom

txs, will PM to ask you how much $$$$

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going to pm with parcival interested.