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16th June 2013, 22:36
I've got 10 boxed Amiga titles for sale or trade.
Some good titles - Both the MegaTraveller and EotB series, Adventures of Robin Hood, and a few others.

I'm looking for around 30 ONO for this lot, plus P&P.
P&P within the UK should be around 6-7 since Royal Mail price on size as well as weight now. International P&P, contact me if interested.

Alternatively, i'd trade for a Gameboy (Original, Pocket, Light, or at a push, Color) with a few games. Ultimately, if these sell, the money will be put towards one of the Gameboy's mentioned, Zelda (original or DX, depending on the machine) and Mario Land 2 Six Golden Coins.
(My own Gameboy is a bit knackered, and i've got some cracking games I can't play - Monster Max & Parodius are sorely missed lol!)

Anyway, obligatory pic:

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v627/DaRkSiDe74/100_1374_zps090c3c3f.jpg (http://smg.photobucket.com/user/DaRkSiDe74/media/100_1374_zps090c3c3f.jpg.html)

And, thanks for looking!

17th June 2013, 00:24
Declaring interest, pending postage cost to italy :roll:

Are Eye of Beholder 1 & 2 complete with manuals, hintbooks and maps of first levels?

17th June 2013, 01:19
PM Sent.

17th June 2013, 09:08
Interest withdraw due to shipping cost.

Best luck with your sale ;)

17th June 2013, 14:30
PM sent. Interested if shipping to the U.S. isn't too bad.

17th June 2013, 14:51
Reply sent

18th June 2013, 11:25
Declaring interest. Second in line after SEgamer. PM sent.

18th June 2013, 20:08
PM sent Peilton.

Games are now unavailable, having agreed a trade with SEgamer.


5th July 2013, 20:04
Withdrawing interest due to difference in postage prices.