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17th June 2013, 07:55
Basically things I've sold and miss.

Mega Drive

To be complete and good condition, please.

Alex Kidd
Streets of Rage 3

PAL Sega Saturn

Shinobi X
Darius Gaiden
Guardian Heroes

PAL Dreamcast

Street Fighter III 3rd Strike
Project Justice
Zombie Revenge
Dynamite Cop

(TBH - I'd be looking to buy any 3-5 maximum for now. But please let me know what you have anyway.)

Thank You.

17th June 2013, 08:50
Ive added the word "games" to the end of the thread title as it was not clear if you wanted the consoles or not:thumbsup:

17th June 2013, 09:01
Thank you :)

18th June 2013, 16:46
Stuff to trade here http://www.amibay.com/showthread.php?t=46845

I foolishly sold Keio on the PAL Saturn, if anyone has that at a fair price, I'm game :)

Looking to buy around 3-5 games so I don't get a backlog..

26th June 2013, 19:26
Still looking :)

26th June 2013, 22:44

Don't forget to leave 2 weeks between bumps as per the rules unless something significant has changed.

Good luck with your search.


26th June 2013, 23:44
Noted Steve :)

30th June 2013, 21:25
I have:

Mega Drive MK1 console with cables and 2 controllers (controllers work but the cables have come out a bit from the controller)

Mega Drive Games (All boxed with Manual unless stated):

Ecco The Dolphin - Tides of Time (No Manual and the plastic slip on the front of case is flapping about)
Fifa International Soccer
Lemmings (Cover slightly faded in parts)
Mortal Kombat
Mortal Kombat II (No Manual)
Road Rash II
Sonic The Hedgehog
The Terminator

1st July 2013, 15:43
I have a console, not wanting any of them games - but thank You anyway.

14th July 2013, 16:01
I'd love to buy Shinobi X and Guardian Heroes before Sunday ends.
Minimum of 50 for a UK seller...

14th July 2013, 23:47
I have approx 90 MD Games I can sell some of them to you inc the Aladdin Game you are after,

Heres my list, have a look and let me know and once ive double checked they are all complete with instructions (85% are) can give you prices on the ones your interested in..

AladdinAsterixBack to the Future 3BalljacksBallzComix ZoneCrueBallDavis Cup tourEA HockeyEA hockey/MaddenEarthworm JimEccoeswatEternal ChampionsF1Fifa 95Fifa SoccerGalaxy Force 2General ChaosG-LocGreenDogGunshipHome AloneJames Bond 007 the duelJungle BookKid ChameleonMarsupilamiMega Games 1Megagames 2MegalomaniaMicro MachinesMortal Kombat 3Mrs PacmanMutant League FootballNBA JamOlympic Summer Games Outrun 2019PGA tour GolfPhantom 2040Power RangersPowerMongerPrimal RagePugsyRise of the RobotsRoad Rash Road Rash 2Robocop v TerminatorRugby 95Shaq FuSonic 2Sonic Spinball Sonic the HedgehogSonic the hedgehog Sonic the hedgehog 2Space HarriorSpeedball 2SpidermanSplatterHouse 2Super SwivSuper WrestlemaniaSword of VermilionSylvester & TweetyTaleSpinTalmits AdverntureTaz in Escape from marsthe Lawnmower ManThe Simpsons Barts NightmareTiny Toons - Busters Hidden TreasuresTurbo OutrunWinter Olympics

17th July 2013, 00:08
Thanks for the offer, but I'm spent up now.

Please could a MOD close this thread.

Thank You.

19th July 2013, 00:40
Closing, as requested! :thumbsup: