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20th December 2007, 13:48
Hi Guys.

I`m after the following :-

Zorro IDE Adapter
Amiga 2000 Chip RAM Upgrade (Currently at one meg)
Accellerator board

I know the last two are hard to find but it`s worth a go :)

If anyone could help it would be very much appreciated :)

Uncle Ben
15th July 2010, 09:47

I have a working GVP 040 33MHZ ACC. WITH 64 Mbyte of ram, I have the GVP ram up for sale, the Acc. is old has a noisy fan and I only have a manual for the Guru Rom v6 which I replaced the old rom with. The rom I will be selling later as it is now impossible to come by. Due to the acc age I decided to sell it's parts.

Jon Hare
15th July 2010, 10:41
I'll send you a PM about MegaChip and Acc

15th July 2010, 11:29
semi OT:

Softhut seems to have guru roms for sale.
and they are also available to download for private use.

15th July 2010, 17:56
@Tomse: the Guru ROM image is only useful for people who have the Guru ROM adaptor, which is a special socket with additional logic. Without the little board a Guru ROM will not work, and those are rare nowadays.

15th July 2010, 17:58
thanks :-) I recall now it's because the guru rom is larger than the regular GVP rom.
forgot that :Doh: