View Full Version : Closed Last Ninja Remix (Cartridge version)

19th June 2013, 09:21
Complete Last Ninja Remix for C64GS with box, cart and manual

19th June 2013, 09:22
Had no idea there was one. Good luck!

19th June 2013, 09:34
Thanks, yeah. I borrowed it from a friend in 1991 or 1992, and have been looking for it since.

The cartridge is black, and a funny shape and the box is either the same, or very similar to the C64 tape version.

If its going to turn up, then here is the most likely place (I hope!)


19th June 2013, 09:36
I'd say give the lemon64 forums a shot too - there's actually one for sale now in a bundle :)

19th June 2013, 09:43
Oh wow! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! *Dive hugs*

19th June 2013, 10:14
Probably the best cart ever released for the C64 - hope you get it Nicholas


19th June 2013, 10:23
Thank you slk486 and Skilgannon.

The cart on Lemon64 is part of a really good collection.

I'm considering how much I might get if I sell my family (I'm not really).

I'm going for it.

"My girlfriend is going to kill me."

Amiga Forever
19th June 2013, 11:35
Last Ninja Remix have good intro and yes, it is worth owning it along with Myth carts:thumbsup:

19th June 2013, 11:49
I couldn't afford the whole collection.

*hangs head in shame*

Still looking for this

...also, if anyone knows any get rich quick schemes (joke, I'm not really looking to get rich quick)

Amiga Forever
28th July 2013, 19:40
Have you got it? :unsure:

31st January 2014, 23:39
:-( nawww. I just don't have room for it at the moment. I might move house soon, and if we do then I'll make certainly sure that there is plenty of room for games.

15th March 2014, 20:41
I'm looking for it too, and it would be better off going to me because I'll really look after it. Love this game.

Also, have people seen Reyn Ouwehands on Youtube? His live performances are tremendous! He did the sublime Ninja Remix music.

Here he is performing MArtin Galway's Wizball music. I love it when the second lead guitar comes in. It reminds me of the Egg if anyone's aware of them :)