View Full Version : Found AGP and/or PCI vga with nvidia RIVA 128 / 128ZX chipset

15th February 2010, 00:21
As title, I am looking for a pci and agp versions of vga's with the riva 128 / 128ZX chipset, if you have one please PM me :D

http://i125.photobucket.com/albums/p55/restqp/riva128zx.jpg http://www.ixbt.com/video2/images/retro2003-2/nv-riva128.jpg

19th February 2010, 03:06
Aaagh! I just gave away an old Gateway 2000 PII machine which had a PCI "Elsa Victory Erazor" installed (4mb i think?)! If i had seen this post a few days earlier then it would have been yours! Anyway i will keep an eye out for any Riva 128 cards for you :thumbsup:

Kin Hell
19th February 2010, 03:08
@ keropi

I have to ask why you should want such an 0ld graphics card, especially in both flavours of slot??


19th February 2010, 06:41
@Powerpie5000: dang, bad luck :(

@Kin: as I found out those works VERY nice inside an older pc to play DOS games. not all vga's are the same in plain-old-DOS: some have scrolling bugs (tseng, matrox ones come in mind first) some others do not display modeX correctly, and some do not offer anything higher than VESA1.1 support in their BIOS... those riva128 cards are speedy, no vga-core bugs that I have found via testing normal "problematic" software and do offer VESA3.0 support :lol: So after getting an AGP one I am after a pci version for my 486/100 and maybe a spare (spares don't hurt!)
here is a stolen image of Jazz Jackrabbit (an example game) and it's problems with a Tseng ET6000 card:



Kin Hell
19th February 2010, 15:49
Ah! - You 0ld DOS gamer you. :p

- "ModeX" - PMSL @ that blast from the past. :lol:

I hope you are successful in finding several solutions. :thumbsup:


28th February 2010, 10:42
Hi. I have a Riva 128ZX available... are You still intrested?
Rgds Jukkas.

28th February 2010, 17:25
yes I am! :)
sending a pm

2nd March 2010, 16:17
Hi keropi.
I have just mailed the Card.
To my surprise they charged me only 2,5 .
Let me know when it arrives.
Estimated time from the Post office is 4 day.
Rgds. JukkaS

2nd March 2010, 17:33
thanks! sending a PM for paypal details :)

Kin Hell
2nd March 2010, 18:26
Nice one keropi. :thumbsup:


6th March 2010, 21:57
I just turfed up an Asus AGP V3000 graphics card:


Apparently it's got a Riva 128 chip on it. Yours for free if you want it!

7th March 2010, 12:29
certainly my dear AndyLandy let me take the burden of that card of you :p
and with that I think this thread needs to close, I am covered on the riva128 matter LOL