View Full Version : Wanted Apple ii joystick wanted please

22nd June 2013, 16:53
Apple ii joystick wanted please

22nd June 2013, 22:28
I got an Apple //e on my own and I must say that if you want a real Apple // joystick for collection purpose I understand,but really it is not that good.
I bought this solution :THE USB JOYSTICK ADAPTER for Apple II from Nishida at Tulip-House website.
This guy is a genius.
I MEAN it.
He even built a component video output for the Apple IIe in a few days.
If you are an Applemaniac you,would understand,the problem about the video output...
Do as you want but I got both and it,is working great even with an analog joystick without driver.
And it is quite good to see perfect clear picture on a big flat screen and my CFFA3000...

22nd June 2013, 23:11

excellent ....id just like one that works really so USB is fine , i like the SD emulator too.

even the video out looks good...


23rd June 2013, 14:38
About the sdisk II it is great but you can load one image at a time on the sd.It is only good if you got a real floppy drive and you want to write down on a real floppy from sd or vice versa....
The best is CFFA3000....
I got the whole collection on a CF card and you are not restrictef with the image format (.po,.do,.dsk,.nib....) as the sdisk II it got its own file format.
Have fun.
If you ever heard of some cables for the LE CHAT MAUVE graphic card from EVE I am your man....
Thanks and good day to you