View Full Version : Closed CD32 SX32 expansion

16th February 2010, 17:05
I have in my collection a mint CD32 with SX1 expansion,8MB fastram and a 80mb HDD but the power supply was never up to the job and it would often crash. Back in the day I always liked the looke of the SX32 models and would like to aquire one. Message me If you have anything of interest - thanks fellow Amiga fans.

16th February 2010, 18:04
Hi sproutsmexicane!

Welcome to AmiBay. I sincerely hope you find one of these. :)

Thank you!


21st February 2010, 21:34
I have sx32 pro 50/50 mhz, 32 mb, 2gb CF HD. what kind of price were you looking to spend?

18th September 2011, 13:38
While the original poster is an inactive member, and that the last update on this thread was over 20 months it is against site rules and guidelines to jump on to another members wanted thread.

I have unapproved posts declaring an interest, I respectfully ask that you create your own wanted threads.