View Full Version : Wanted Snes / Nes / N64 / Cube / NEO GEO AES NTSC games

25th June 2013, 11:28
Looking for Variation of games.
(no soccer or sport games please)
Mainly NTSC version

Post what you got with shipping to belgium included.

Really high on wanted list.

- Chibi robo
- Last resort
- Beat 'm Ups
- Shooters

and as exception to this thread ... Castlevania for megadrive (has to be pal) :whistle:

30th June 2013, 21:26
I have:

Mega Drive MK1 console with cables and 2 controllers (controllers work but the cables have come out a bit from the controller)

Mega Drive Games (All boxed with Manual unless stated):

Ecco The Dolphin - Tides of Time (No Manual and the plastic slip on the front of case is flapping about)
Fifa International Soccer
Lemmings (Cover slightly faded in parts)
Mortal Kombat
Mortal Kombat II (No Manual)
Road Rash II
Sonic The Hedgehog
The Terminator

Postage would depend on what you wanted, so let me know if your interested.

8th July 2013, 22:51
Rock 'n Roll Racing Super Nintendo - NTSC - GAME!! RARE

also have ntsc boxed mint condition Turtles Hyperstone Heist for 60$ ..shipping 7-10 euro , economy - tracking

look here is some pal games


20th July 2013, 22:06
already have rock 'n roll racing NTSC
And for megadrive games .. only looking for konami games, like Castlevania and others

20th July 2013, 22:32
and as exception to this thread ... Castlevania for megadrive (has to be pal) :whistle:

Why PAL - that's the gutted version?

21st July 2013, 08:53
can be NTSC too ,
but then i need to mod my Megadrive :)

21st July 2013, 18:32
Ah ok. You just wrote mainly NTSC, but Castlevania in PAL, which made me wonder :)

Great game either way. Best of luck!