View Full Version : Closed Wanted: a few keys for A3000, A1000 keyboard

22nd May 2008, 03:31
I'm trying to restore an A3000 and A1000 keyboard - which are perfectly fine except for a few broken keys. I'm hoping somebody has a similar keyboard that is beyond repair and wouldn't mind selling (or giving) me a few keys.

On the Mitsumi A3000, I need "Esc", "F9", "F10" and the numeric keypad "0". I'd also need the rubber cups and plastic "stems" for each key (mine are broken or missing).

On the A1000, I just need the numeric keypad "1". I assume it just plugs into the plastic holder. If somebody has a complete A1000 keyboard in good condition, I'd like that too.


23rd May 2008, 23:44
Oh, I also need "Shift" and numeric keypad "0" from an NME A2000 keyboard if anybody's got it. (just the keys)