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1st July 2013, 10:25
Hello all!

After a successful bulk buy of a lot of stuff, I'm left with a huge amount of tapes I have no interest in. Mostly Spectrum tapes, but I have chucked in a few Commodore tapes for good measure.

So, If anyone would like to give these a home, please let me know. I am open to all offers including trades.

Postage works out at about 6, but I will get a final price on request or you can arrange collection from the East Midlands if you would like.

I bet you are thinking you wont get a full list of tapes... You'd be wrong

Full tape list


Your sinclair - Dustin
Your sinclair No 3 four pack - Sweevo's world, krakout, shockwave rider, shadow of the beast rolling demo
your sinclair 4 pack - pool, piggy tails, empire, rugby
your sinclair 4 pack - rebel, feud, ironman, tau ceti
Your sinclair 6-pack, biggles, dun darach, earth shake
Your sinclair the magnificent 7 - double agent, brainstorm, megaphoenix
Your sinclair the magnificent 7 - shpinx jinx, space crusade demo, blood of bogmole
Your sinclair the magnificent 7 - atomic robokid demo, spin dizzy, destrux, mach 3, bumpy, hkm, pokemania 1
Your sinclair the magnificent 7 - the ice temple, mystical, dominion, rampage
Your sinclair the magnificent 7 - southern belle, kraal, star raiders 2, riptoff, supercup football, tempest
Your sinclair the magnificent 7 - terror of the deep, g-loc demo, knightmare, draw it, turtles the coin-op demo
Your sinclair the magnificent 7 - jukebox, football manager 3, heavy on the magick, olympus
Your sinclair the magnificent 7 - tir na nog, armalyte, ninja hamster
Your sinclair the magnificent 7 - issue 72 - mined out, seymour: take one, aliens, lemmings demo, war of the roses demo, tai chi tortiose demo, pokerama
Your sinclair the magnificent 7 - issue 73 - Graphic adventure creator, cisco heat demo, peking
Your sinclair the magnificent 7 - issue 74 - double dragon 3 preview, super sprint
Your sinclair the magnificent 7 - issue 77 - Mazemania, quest adventure demo, tilt demo
Your sinclair the magnificent 7 - issue 78 - darkstar, mission omega, adams family demo
Your sinclair the magnificent 7 - issue 79 - on the run, 2112 ad, turbo the tortoise demo
Your sinclair the magnificent 7 - issue 80 - defenders of the earth, forbidden planet, conman the barbaric demo
Your sinclair the magnificent 7 - issue 81 - the famous five, ant attack, match of the day
Your sinclair the magnificent 7 - issue 82 - wriggler, anttilis mission, speedload
Your sinclair the magnificent 7 - issue 83 - nexor, retarded creatures and caverns
Your sinclair the magnificent 7 - issue 84 - light corridor, bored of the rings
Your sinclair the christmas collection - guardian 2, shock demo

crash jun 89 - dizzy, micronaut one, moon cresta, wanted monty mole
crash jul 89 - quondam, one man and his droid, robot messiah, whole new ball game
crash sep 89, rockman, temple of vran, super sleuth, sceptre of bagdad
crash aug 89 - metabolis, nonterraqueous, moutains of ket, ultimate warrior
Crash oct 89 - Supersoccer, zanthrax, delta wing, the final mission
Crash Nov 89 - Pogo, sam stoat, Chiller, action farce 2
crash feb 90 - eskimo eddie, apache gold, jasons gem, egghead
Crash Mar 90 - Gilligans gold, 1985 the day after, Karyssia, mission fallout
crash apr 90 - master blaster, rockfall, karyssia 2, breakpoint
crash may 90 - scuba dive, nuclear countdown, karyssia 3, surface tension
Crash Jun 90 - fat worm blows a sparky, alpine games, kemshui, doomskulle
Crash Jul 90 - Survivors, jungle trouble, cosmic chaos, software house
Crash aug 90 - gladiator, satcom, ruff and reddy, assassin, deja-vu
Crash sep 90 - dynamite dan, luna atac, monster munch, solaris
Crash oct 90 - gunrunner, super com, mango jones, talking hedz

Gift from the gods

hot rasputin demo


Power pack - mean streak, top duck, predator 2 demo, elvira demo
Power pack - cauldron 2, subterranea, monster mash
power pack - water polo, ata, snackman
powerpack - corya, arac, shellshock, invision
power pack - crystal castles, uridium, blue max, 5th gear
Power pack - graphic adventure creator
power pack - head the ball, mission impossabubble, first samurai, creatures 2

Quattro adventure - vampire, ghost hunters, super robin hood, dizzy
Quattro skills - skateboard, 11 a side soccer, tennis, rugby



real ghostbusters demo
in crowd tape 1
in crowd tape 2
in crowd tape 4
in crowd tape 5
in crowd tape 6
Fernandez must die
flying formula
sweevos world, shadow of the beast
amazon woman
chart attack - moonwalker
exploding fist
one man and his droid

led storm
commodore power tape 2
james bond action pack
reel action #2
reel action #14
reel action #20
super off road

Any questions, please ask away

9th July 2013, 11:29
Would be interested in Gift from the gods if it is complete, pm sent