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2nd July 2013, 19:48
Hi all,

So you are going to trash your old A500, A600 or A1200 motherboard, please dont without asking me if i would like it first. I like trying to fix the boards, it's just as much fun as playing the games. If you have an old board that hasnt been mutilated then let me know and i'd like the chance to take it off your hands. mabbe do a partial trade or something.


3rd July 2013, 15:37

I have an A500+ here with quite severe battery leakage damage. I replaced one of the logic chips and re socketed the Gary. Had to rebuild many tracks, but there is still work to do. There are photos on one of my other threads.

Noobs need not apply, its a proper challenge.

Interested? PM me!



3rd July 2013, 15:56
I have a Rev6A A500 board giving a green screen but I fear that the shipping costs might be a bit high :blased:

15th July 2013, 17:04
I have a Rev6A A500 board giving a green screen but I fear that the shipping costs might be a bit high :blased:


what would cheapest mailing costs be ?


20th July 2013, 14:39
Lost track of this thread.
I'll need to weigh the mainboard first but prices are:

*350g-1kg: 21,50
*1kg-2kg: 43

As I said, they are pretty high considering the value of a (faulty) mainboard.
Shipping to the US is much cheaper than to Canada. Figure that out :picard

20th July 2013, 15:02
I have 4 A600 boards here (and a few more with some removed components), and I really don't need any more of them, so don't really feel like trying to fix them (or maybe I'll just do one), but don't like throwing them out either.

I have a feeling that shipping to Canada would be a killer though..

Edit: ~$30 for a letter up to 2 kg. Any heavier and it'll have to be a package which is ~$85 (up to 5kg).

Jon Hare
20th July 2013, 15:40
PM sent regarding some A1200 and A600 boards

24th July 2013, 19:40
I have a NOS Amiga Techonlogies a1200 mobo which doesn't work - likely fried by bad PSU. Let me know if you're interested :-)

25th July 2013, 11:35
I have two non-working A4000 motherboards and 1 A1200 motherboard with crackling sound.

Not sure what I am going to do with them, would like to have at least one A4000 mobo refurbished back that I can put in my A4000 micronik with a leaky battery.

26th July 2013, 20:32
Since Jon Hare may have declared interest, I guess I can too... Hijacking, I know, but still.

If the A4000 board won't be taken by kipper2k then I'm interested second in line. Sorry if this post is against the rules, it can deleted if it is. :)

26th July 2013, 20:52
@bubsy, you need to create your own wanted thread. You can't declare interest in someone else's. I'm sure Jon hare was offering items.
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26th July 2013, 20:54
:oops: I'm sorry, it now makes sense that Jon Hare was offering boards. I thought he was interested in the ones being offered to kipper.
Why is this thread in "For Sell" though..?

9th November 2013, 07:23
I have a couple of boards. Sending PM in a couple of minutes.