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3rd July 2013, 23:40
I'm selling my SatanDisk HDD interface that enables you to use MMC/SD cards as hard disk. It has been bought from Atari Fan Store (http://afs.atari.org/satandisk.htm).

DVD, ACSI cable and casing blank that I was planning to use for the SatanDisk included. No PSU or SD cards. You'll need a PSU providing 7,5 to 9 V. The connector has a negative center. A Spectrum PSU is ideal for this.

The interface has been tested working but at least on STE you'll need to make a soft reset to boot from SatanDisk. This appears to be a feature.

I'm asking 60€ + p&p. Payment by Paypal gift or buyer pays expenses.

4th July 2013, 01:30
Interessed... PM latter with some questions

4th July 2013, 14:28
I have found that if I power up my satandisk a second or so after powering up the atari, it boots from the satandisk. No idea why, but if I power them on simultaneously or power the satandisk before the atari, then it won´t work. :unsure:
Nice to know that soft reboot should do the same trick :)

4th July 2013, 14:41
Hmm, interesting info, considering that every single piece of instruction tells you to first turn on SatanDisk and then ST.

I'm not an expert but I think it may have something to do with the timing of sending the interrupt request to the ACSI port. It probably happens so that when you put the SatanDisk on, it'll send the request once right away while the ST isn't still on and then when you turn the ST on, it polls for that request but never receives one and falls back to ROM. In reset the ST probably tells the peripherals that it has been reset and peripherals then send the interrupt again but this time the ST is ready to take it.

In case of reversed boot order, the ST is ready to listen on interrupt requests on ACSI port and will be able to boot from SatanDisk, when it's inserted.

Tech wizs, please do correct me, if I'm wrong.

4th July 2013, 19:04
PM sent with offer;)

5th July 2013, 07:54
Deal done with Protek!
Funds sent :thumbsup:
Address details followed on PM!
Thanks Tero!

5th July 2013, 08:23
Payment received. :thumbsup: Thank you!

Will pack and send during the weekend.

6th July 2013, 17:53
It's now on its way to jcarvalho. :)

11th July 2013, 10:59
Item recieved from Tero yesterday :thumbsup: Will give it a try today... Leaving now very good feedback!

11th July 2013, 20:07
Glad to hear it arrived safely. :)
Feedback also left. :)