View Full Version : Wanted Z2 graphics card

3rd July 2013, 23:41
I am looking for some low performance Z2 compatible card, can be defective (good explanation of defect, with pictures if possible) or without RAM. Just make me an offer! But please do not offer me a Picasso IV or somesuch, I am probably not interested in paying the price you want for it. Thank you. :)

7th July 2013, 07:26
Pm sent in german language (hope this is ok ? :roll:)

7th July 2013, 19:28
Still looking, also please have realistic price expectations if you offer me a low performance card. I will not pay a price for a Retina Z2 where I could have a Picasso II for a little more. I can use google and check other prices. Also, threatening me to put it on eBay will not convince me to pay more than the card is worth, just put it on eBay then and do not waste my time.

24th July 2013, 18:56
I'm still looking, would also be interested in things like the ColorMaster 24 or Opalvision that do not go strictly into the Zorro Slot and are not strictly RTG-Cards. Make me an offer! What I'm not interested in is the Retina Z2.

26th July 2013, 16:00
Pm sent.

1st August 2013, 11:47
PM Sent.