View Full Version : For Sale Atari Jr. + Joy. or Pad + Game

5th July 2013, 16:59
I have any sets of Atari Jr. with the long rainbow.
It comes with a PSU (220V, 2pol, EU, I cat't say, in which countries it works),
one Atari Gamepad (Joystick is out) and one Game (you can select from photo, but no more E.T.).
The console, controller and game will be tested before I'll send it.

One set = 20€ +P&P

One more Gamepad (Joystick is out) +5€
One more Game +3€
FBAS Mod +15€

5th July 2013, 17:02
edit :

didnt read properly , i'll pass :-)

5th July 2013, 17:07
What was the problem? ;)