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6th July 2013, 20:13
Looking to buy a working modded wii with USB loader installed. Only need the console.

6th July 2013, 20:22
Buy a regular Wii (no mini) and softmod it. Takes about five minutes and it's foolproof. Check for guides on Google.

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6th July 2013, 20:25

6th July 2013, 20:29
Can attest to that. It's as simple as copying some files to an SD card and doing an install on the Wii.

6th July 2013, 20:49
Softmod Any Wii (http://www.wiihacks.com/recommended-faqs-guides-tutorials-only/96886-guide-softmod-any-wii.html) This is the guide i used. Takes all of about 5 minutes and is so easy. Done a few now. As said already though, Regular wii's only though the mini is not moddable at present. And the earlier model wii you can get the more likely it will be it can play from disc based backups as well as usb. Also the newer versions of the original wii lack Gamecube compatibility so check for the controller ports under the side flap if you want to play GC games.

6th July 2013, 23:15
I do have a wii that will let me soft mod. Thanks for that guide.

6th July 2013, 23:20
^ so we close this thread now?

6th July 2013, 23:55
Yes please. Thanks for all the help.