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22nd February 2010, 15:28
I'm searching to buy a chipset cooler with fan. Must be 3cm no more, as I bought an Akasa one at 4cm and it doesn't fit on CyberVisionPPC.

The 4cm looks like this one


Also, is there any other solution to put something on the Permedia chip?

22nd February 2010, 16:28
I am going to order from a supplier later, they have a 2.5cm fan...

Manufacturer: AKASA
Manufacturer Part No: AK-189BK-2B


External Depth:10mm
External Length / Height:25mm
External Width:25mm
Flow Rate, Imperial:2.5cu.ft/min
Supply Voltage DC:12V dc
now cost to me is 6.38 UKP which if you wanted one I would let you have at same price + delivery.

You can of course now go look for one local with the above maufacturer code :)


22nd February 2010, 16:35
But is this only the fan?

It's this one right?


22nd February 2010, 16:38


22nd February 2010, 16:39
Yes, Gary I found the one, but I really need one with a cooler underneath (as like the photo).

22nd February 2010, 17:01
If you already have heatsink you can cut it down to size, fans usualy just screw into heatsink fins and heatsink is usualy soft metal for cutting.

22nd February 2010, 17:03
Hm... I'll try that... :unsure:

Kin Hell
22nd February 2010, 17:11
You don't sound so sure Phantom, but it's true. A lot does depend on the kind of Heatsink you hack down though. ;)


22nd February 2010, 18:22
It's better to find a 3cm-ready one. So of anyone have one, please inform me. Thanx.:)

22nd February 2010, 18:28
I'll have a look in my Box-O-Stuff. There may be some crappy PC graphics cards that I can steal a HSF from.

22nd February 2010, 18:31
Hehe..... Thanx....

22nd February 2010, 19:35
As a hint: look for an ancient Pentium MMX "box" heatsink+fan. They are low profile enough to fit in the PPC chip.

Of course, you need to use a double-sided glue pad on it.

22nd February 2010, 20:35
On the graphics card that has the bracket you might wan't in the future,

it has a 4,5 cm on 4 "metal cooler part" (blue) without a fan, but you can screw a fan on eh..

Just informing. It is one CM high +- without a fan

Numers taken not by mm.

If you wan't I can have a look and try to screw a fan on, or just hotglue it.

Not exactly sure what you up to, but sure others can help:roll:

I woulld use 2 fans if a chip can die without a fan to be honest.. (for certain if it is expensive amiga hardware)

If there is a guide coming how to properly attach it to the chip, I would be interested to, since they are glued on the graphics card chip, not sure with what they glue with:whistle: Is it just hotglue? in doubt since it creates a space between the chip and coller:nod:

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I have a look in light next day to see if 3x3 fans are in stock to. (garbage pile)

22nd February 2010, 22:27
Thanks my friend. Looking forward to hear your discoveries.:thumbsup:

23rd February 2010, 09:51
Did not look for it don't have the time overday time today, but found a 3,5CMx3,5CM, 0,5cm thick cooler in my office desk without cooler, cooler difficult to attach probably with screws.

2nd March 2010, 18:36
It doesn't seem that I'll find a heatsink with a fan together soon. :(

Can I use just a heatsink/cooler only? Will do the job?

Kin Hell
2nd March 2010, 21:00
You can buy self adhesive Thermal pads & pretty much stick anything on it you like. Doesn't the Zallaman NB Blue affair fit on the CVPPC? - I'm sure I've seen some modded ones looking that way & that's a fan-less option. ;)


2nd March 2010, 23:22

ok, get:

1. 40x40mm copper heatsink (hint: ENZOTECH stuff)

2. 40x40x10or20 fan

3. thermal adhesive PERMANENT GLUE (not pads, not tape, no pc stuff, search for "thermal adhesive glue" on eBay)

Put some glue on the permedia2 chip, then press firmly the heatsink. Leave it overnight and it will glue there FOREVER. Then add the fan and you are set!

The reason you will use permanent thermal glue is because the permedia chip on the cvppc gets WAY HOTTER than any pc northbridge (where thermal adhesive tape is targeted for). Even self-adhesive heatsinks won't hold (this adhesive is the same used in voodoo3 cards for example).

This can also be bone with great results on the 604e as well, look:



2nd March 2010, 23:26

You sure spoil us with some beautiful Hardware pr0n this time of the night.
How am I going to sleep now???? (Where is Wifie :p)

Seriously, I've used similar permanent heatsink glue on my 040 & it shows no sign of movement whatsoever

TC :cool:

2nd March 2010, 23:27
You are p****-boy. I've told you that 4cm is big for the Permedia chip, I want smaller... :stick:


2nd March 2010, 23:31
You are p****-boy. I've told you that 4cm is big for the Permedia chip, I want smaller... :stick:


your request is pointless. there is enough room for a 40x40mm heatsink. Even if you get a smaller one, it will be quite crap aluminum , because the standar is 40x40. just get a good one and stop worrying about trivial matters. :cool:
(and your pc's vga card has a small 35~45mm gpu, but you don't see a crap small heatsink on that LOL)

2nd March 2010, 23:41
Look the pic for my problem:


3rd March 2010, 06:55
is there a 36x36mm space? Look for ENZOTECH CNB-S1L copper heatsink
also feast your eyes on this:



3rd March 2010, 13:09
That's exactly the one I want.:)

18th March 2010, 16:47
Please close this thread for the time being.