View Full Version : Sound issues on my Spectrum +2 A/B (Black)

15th July 2013, 15:07

Recently noticed that my Spectrum +2 A/B (black version) is having/generating distorted sounds on the audio output...if I try to explain it sounds like when you have a very bad connector and during the sound playing you try to move it...and it generates these 'scratching' noises...

Now my +2 makes the same noise while generating an audio output (both on the audio socket and on my SCART audio output)...you can actually hear also these 'sounds' when the machine is processing something (like a short basic program)....it is actually quiet only when the CPU is 'idle'...

What could be the issue? Caps? :help:

Thanks for your assistance!

15th July 2013, 18:54
It sounds to me (please forgive the pun) that you need to isolate the Audio.

Some issue 2 Spectrum 128k +2 A/B motherboards are made incorrectly. There are several fixes available from simple signal isolation to full on stereo separation.

There are a few guides on WoS for this, but I will try to make some tonight (as I have an issue 2 thats doing this) and post up some how-to guides.

I will then link them in this thread for you.

Its not hard to do, a small sharp knife, resistor and soldering iron would all that it really needs.

17th July 2013, 07:25
Dear ZetrO,

Thanks for your assistance....when do you think you will be able to have the 'repair guide' ready for publishing?:D