View Full Version : Wanted Apple II disk II

17th July 2013, 00:41
I own an apple II with 2 disk drives but drive 2 isn't working.Anyone got a spare?


17th July 2013, 00:55
Could you tell me how your disk drive is faulty ?
Is the drive power on ?
I repaired one myself even without knowledge.My problem was a burned IC ...
You need to unscrew the cover and look for yourself.
As you find your bumbed chip you need to replace it.
I ordered the same chip but different manufactor and it worked!

Hope to hear from you because it is more inferesting to repair than to trash and buy anew...



PS:sorry for my poor english..

17th July 2013, 10:03
I have tried to repair the drive.I opened it up and looked for obvious problems,cleaned the heads and checked the cable.
It runs and spins the disk,makes the usual seeking noise then just fails with an IO error.I have replaced the 4 socketed chips on the main board but non of this has made a difference.

17th July 2013, 15:05
Sorry to hear that.
I had the same problem I/O error as writing on a blank disk,after a few seconds due to myself pluging the drive on the analog card in the wrong positions (pins in the wrong holes).
After that the smell of burned plastic along and myself wondering where the heck it was coming from...
I found the bumped chip and change and voila...
In your case has to be something else...
Change the cables,controller card or and perhaps the chips are not correct... Or even a not good floppy...
I try to help but I am not an expert specially in apple //...
Do you have any possible way to test your hadware with another one working?

Let me know...

Now I use a CFFA3000 and it is nice to have the ultimate Apple // collection on a simple CF card.....
But it is always better to read and write on a real floppy disk...as it made us remember the old times and to have in our hands some material we can grab/touch that it not virtual it is quite major!


PS:my english sucks big time but never went to school to learn...